Acolyte Program

The acolyte program is a vibrant ministry for kids in 6th through 12th grades. Acolytes serve once a month at one of our Sunday services. Youth say their time as an acolyte has deepened their spiritual life. They grow in understanding and appreciation of worship, and they build new friendships. If your youth is looking for a way to connect at St. Andrew’s, the acolyte program is a warm, welcoming place to be.

Acolyte Schedule


January 16 8:00am, arrive at 7:30am 10:00am, arrive at 9:30am

Verger Emma Angilan Emma Angilan

Crucifer Jordan Pindell Oliver Hodges

Torch Evan Murray Sophie Angilan

Torch Emma Murray Grace Coughlin

Server X Ezra Pastine

January 23 Annual Meeting, One Service

9:30am, arrive at 9:00am

Verger Alex Buck

Crucifer Thomas Gogel

Torch Henry Marien-Brovont

Torch Katie Buck

Server Sophia Marien-Brovont

January 30 8am, arrive at 7:30am 10am, arrive at 9:30am

Verger Emery Danker Emery Danker

Crucifer Carter Rostron Millie Norden

Torch Abby Hunt Lili Vottero

Torch Christopher Long Cyrus Morey

Server X Yolande Vottero

Beadle Documents

Students who will be a junior or a senior in the fall of 2022 may apply to be a beadle. Applications are due April 1.